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with a little bit of Anger
Published on May 31, 2008 By Aliahnnyah In Movies & TV & Books

Dear Dedicated Reader:


The latest topic request happens to be movies, or games.  Now seems like a wonderful time to slip in some personal information about myself.  My college degree is in movies, well Electronic Media and Film Studies.  I write a lot about movies, especially since I love to watch movies, and according to my professors I tend to be knowledgeable about films when I take the time to write about them.  Maybe the same will hold true for Video games when I get around to them.  First I really want to write about movies, my passion in life would be to write and produce a movie of my own.  Hence why I need the writing practice, I really think that maybe if I write enough in a forum on different topics the writer’s block that has plagued me for several years will just vanish.  Okay this personal babble has gone on way to long.  Movies.


For all those that want to continue on to the movie review and discussion part, I’M THE FRIEND THAT WILL TELL YOU WHAT THE END OF THE MOVIE IS, if that caps lock sentence wasn’t clear enough for you, I might spoil the movie if you keep reading further. Now, you’ve been warned and I must continue before my dedicated reader gets irritated.


The latest movie I went out to see was Sex and the City.  I’m a giant sap and I know it, but I think that I actually want to talk about a different movie that I’ve seen recently and is a hot topic on everyone’s mind, Indiana Jones and something about a crystal skull.  Okay I’m not the Indy girl.  Yes, I’m an action junkie, I love movies with action and Harrison Ford, like a fine wine, only gets better with age.  I can’t complain and say that I didn’t like the movie, don’t get me wrong. Spielberg, my hero, has one of the greatest little minds in the world.  Sometime I want to climb in his head and see what he sees, I think he’d drive me closer to the abyss of sanity that I stand on.  Heaven forbid the perfectly ordered mind that I know he has might drive me to sanity, which is so not where I want to be today.  Spielberg goes out and grabs a fairly amazing director of Photography, Janusz Kaminski, who brought us some wonderful pieces like The Terminal, Saving Private Ryan, and War of the Worlds. (**Side note, If you watch these movies for the cinematography you’ll notice they’re very pretty**)  I have nothing against Spielberg, I have nothing against Harrison Ford, I also have nothing against Janusz Kaminski.  These are some amazing people that I think if it were just them they would’ve managed this film with far more grace. 


George Lucas, I file crimes against you.  Can I beg you to stick to destroying films you’ve already created and not ruining those that are not yet hatched.  Were you sitting on the toilet one day in the past 10 years while you were contemplating making another movie and had the epiphany, “I think I’ll make Indy Fight Aliens.”  If so your epiphany toilet is severely broken and you need to buy a new one.  My prayer is that you purchase the set prop from the show Scrubs, The Epiphany Toilet. (If you’re not a fan of Scrubs you should at least watch the episode about the Epiphany Toilet.)  Although Props to casting director for casting Janitor from Scrubs.  Obviously, Mr. Lucas, your casting director knows exactly what I’m talking about.  How little does one have to care about their fortune and their integrity that they would be willing to make the crazy, undead fighting, grave robber (uh, “Archeologist”) fight Aliens?  When I watched the movie the first thing I thought of was wow, cool Mayan/Inca burial ritual that caused beings to become so enlightened they turn into crystal and their cores become magnetic to draw people to them and their ultimate death.  No, Mr. Lucas can’t make it that cool, he has to make it Aliens. Why?  I don’t know and I think that the world grieves for Indy, and if Mr. Lucas uses his open ended commentary at the end of the movie, the birth of the new Indy, to make more films he really needs to stick to the crazy undead and fanatic tribal people. They suit Indy much better.  Although with the rate that Mr. Lucas moves I’ll be extremely lucky to see one in my life time.  While on my rant about Mr. Lucas I just want to ask the question that has been on my mind for a while, does he have a locked box with a note on it that it can only be opened upon his death which contains all of his good ideas for scripts?  Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge Star Wars episode 4-6 kind of gal, but please everything recently has just been on big disappointment after another.  Just a random thought.


Okay now that I’m truly finished writing a blog that I never said that I write, My opinions on George Lucas, I have to say once I moved past my anger at the man, it was a Good Film.  Action packed, suspenseful if a bit predictable (besides the Aliens they came out of left field for me) but typical Indy.  The things I remember loving about Indy were all there, his fear of snakes, his ruggedness, the way he’s a total jerk. It took me back to a time when I was sitting in my basement pretending to be Marion and screaming at Indy because he’s not saving me the right way.  Some things just make you feel like you can accomplish anything in your life, and that’s the way movies have always made me feel.  While trying to discover who I was I pretended to be those who were in the films, the buff action chick, the damsel in distress.  For that I have to thank Mr. Lucas, for all that I am ANGRY with him for what he has done recently, what he has done in the past has been great and shown me who I am and what I want to be.  Someday I hope to pass that on to my children.  Someday I hope to be that great and hope that someone blogs about how much they hate my newest work because it can’t compare to that first taste of ambrosia. 


So for now Dedicated Reader I bid you a fond farewell and the sweetest dreams possible.  Remember no matter how much we hate things, there’s always a bright side.


So Dedicated Reader, What's Next?





PS- Like I said in my first Article when I’m bored and Jobless I’ll post much more often.

on May 31, 2008

Were you sitting on the toilet one day in the past 10 years while you were contemplating making another movie and had the epiphany, “I think I’ll make Indy Fight Aliens.”

I read your review with great interest and after reading  this most interesting and insightful statement I knew I had to comment. 

I'm not a "movie" person at all and choose very carefully what I will see....the last one being  Bella which I enjoyed tremendously.

However, my husband and son (whose almost 20 and used to work at a movie theater) are movie goers. He saw this one last night at a drive-in theater...or more correctly, he saw the last part of it as he was late getting there. We talked about it over breakfast.    

Behind all the typical Indy action scenes that like you so many people have come to love and expect, you noticed something else. It seems as though Speilberg and Lucas have provided a key component of L. Ron Hubbard's Scientology creation myth, namely, space aliens came to earth and provided mankind with knowledge that allowed crude, brute ape-like cavemen to become the people we are today.  

I'm wondering what is your opinion of how a young person would take this all in?