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At leaset one dedicated reader
Published on May 29, 2008 By Aliahnnyah In Welcome

Dear Dedicated Reader:


These are the insane ramblings of one who is by definition quite crazy.  Sometimes I wonder what exactly I get myself into.  My friend comes along one day and says, “Hey you like blogging you should try out this sight.” Yeah, well what kind of blogging is it? Write whatever you want I get told.  What does that mean whatever I want?  Is there specific subject matter that I’m supposed to adhere to or is it a personal thing?  Am I supposed to talk about my life and my struggles and my fears, or am I supposed to play video games and talk about how much they suck. Cause that’s all I read about in blogs today.  How much the latest video game sucks, who is a slut, why I’m supposed to hate some person named Butch.  This is what angers me massively about the blog.  It’s turned into 150 reasons on why my life sucks, and yes I’m a giant hypocrite for blogging about why I hate blogs.  I know this.  So before all of y’all start hating, yes I AM A HUGE GIANT HYPOCRITE!  Now that we have that out of our system I want to get to the point of why I’m starting this blog.  I like to write and I’m horrible at it and need a lot of practice but I have this thing, I’m horribly indecisive about what it comes to writing about.  I thought why not make it cool and let those that read my blog influence what I write. 


Okay here let me put it to you very simply you the readers will chose what my weekly blog is going to be about. (I plan to make it weekly although depending on work and suggestions and how I feel it may be more often and it may be less often). And how do you as the reader choose what you want me to write about?  Stop asking yourself about the how and post your ideas in the comments on each blog.  If you want me to be opinionated about a game realized I do have to play the game so it may take a while. If you want me to gripe about politics I can do that, just be warned it may not be what you want to hear.  I am an opinionated person and I enjoy being that way.  If you want me to write poetry I will, again it may not be good.  Short stories on a certain topic fire away.


I guess I’m just kind of thinking that I want the blog to be as much about the readers as I want it to be about me.  Are you guys ready to shape my blog?  I’m waiting…


Respectfully Yours,


on May 30, 2008
Well, since you asked, I figured why not. Not a bad concept to ask us as oppose to us simple read what you write. Let's just hope those who post do so in an adult, respectful manner and not ask silly and desrespectful topics. I doubt it, but would not be surprised if someone does.

Now, hows about maybe your take on the latest movie you have seen? Inidana Jones, Speed Racer, Baby Mama (?), or maybe an old movie that you may have recently seen or are considering watching sometime soon. I'm partial to the 80's so I watch lots of 80's movies. I, sometimes, enjoy writing about a movie I have not seen in a while and wonder if others have seen it, such as my article on the movie "Howard the Duck".

You could also write about the games you do like playing. I am a Call of Duty 4 (PC) hardcore player, but I am now experiencing the Nintendo Wii with my kids and I also play some light weight games such as Peggle, Sudoku and Diner Dash from time to time.

Take your pick.