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Is there a connection?
Published on June 2, 2008 By Aliahnnyah In Religion

Dear Dedicated Reader:


I recently got asked a question by a person just like you.  Someone who reads my articles, gives me a new subject, and many more things to write about. This time it’s looking at the movie Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull after a review where I got a little bit mad about the fact that he managed to ruin another film. (On a side note I went to the movies today and saw a poster for an animated version of The Clone Wars)  While I was contemplating what to write about Scientology and what the younger generation would think of the pseudo link with Indy I couldn’t help but notice that I have a rather large hole in my references when it comes to scientology.  Other then being invited once or twice to join by a friend I never really looked into it.  It’s one of the few religions on this planet that I don’t know about.


So to my Dedicated reader who asked this question.  I have no Idea, But I’ll think about it.  I’m all about trying to learn about a new religion.  More power to me.  But with this article I remain completely stumped.  I’ll have to go rent that John Travolta film Battlefield Earth and watch it.  But here is what I think, if the young person in question is watching the film they’re most likely going to say “Ooooh Indy is Fighting Aliens,” and not “Hm, I see an interesting comparison to L. Ron Hubbard’s story”  I don’t think, and this may be bad to say, that many people will analyze an action movie, for the sheer fact that a majority of people who go to see an action movie are looking to escape normal life.  I believe this is true for both the older and the younger generations of people.  Many people would look at a film and say, “I didn’t like it.”  That is the only reason that people need these days.  In society today we don’t need to defend our judgments we just need to make them.


Again I’m going to look into this whole Scientology thing and see exactly what comparisons can be drawn.  It’s something interesting to look into although from the minimal base research that I’ve done on the subject it would be a very sketchy and loose comparison between the two.


That’s my thoughts on the subject.


From you now dedicated reader I need to know what is next, what are you itching to learn my opinion on? Or would you rather hear something different from me.  Let me know.


Faithfully Yours



PS-For those of you that didn’t read my introduction article, these are articles for the people.  You pick what I write about people.

on Jun 02, 2008

Hmmm.  Don't know how picking what you write will work here....we like to write our own stuff..that is why we're here.

But good luck with that.


on Jun 02, 2008

Well it is an online community. What is the point of comment boxes if you don't want feed back?

If you on to movies and you are into them there are tons of stories in the "trends" out there. I would say go to town.